MeshCreator is a 3D Model Creator/Editor. The goal of the MeshCreator project is to create a quick and easy way for developers to create 3D content for games and other 3D projects. The emphasis is on creating a 3D design tool that is simple to use, has an intuitive user interface and has a very short concept -> result time. MeshCreator now has its own website.  Check it out.

Tetris Lives!

Tetris project available to download and play for FREE! This project was my learn C++ project and my first attempt at developing anything in visual C++. The reason I chose a Tetris Game is because I had already written a version of the game for the 5K competition. Check out the JavaScript Tetris version. Please contact me if you have any feedback or find any bugs :) 

Desktop Wallpapers

Check out these Desktop Wallpapers. Lots of surreal 3D pics created using Bryce and PhotoShop

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Recently Uploaded Snippets

  • Win32_Virtual_Key_Codes_VK_XXXXXX.txt   3k - 16 Feb 2011, 05:49 by Richard ADM (v1)
  • Win32_Using_SetTimer_and_WM_TIMER.txt   1k - 16 Feb 2011, 05:49 by Richard ADM (v1)
  • Win32_Simple_Multi-Threading.txt   3k - 16 Feb 2011, 05:49 by Richard ADM (v1)
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Recent Blog Posts

  • Clock Screensaver project completed The Clock Screensaver (Posted in Software | Screensavers) was completed in just 1 evening (around 3 hours) using the screensaver template and tutorial previously posted.  Most of that was creating the images for the textures that are used.  Check it out, it uses OpenGL and should run well on even low specification systems.  It uses system ticks to calculate rotation ammounts so it should be reasonably smooth at even low framerates.
    Posted 26 Feb 2011, 13:33 by Richard ADM
  • Code::Blocks Screensaver Tutorial Created Just created a Tutorial that shows how to create an OpenGL Screensaver in Code::Blocks and posted it in the Articles section.  Will help with my Clock ScreenSaver project that I am just starting/about to start.  Hopefully, someone will find it useful.
    Posted 23 Feb 2011, 15:42 by Richard ADM
  • Migration Almost Complete As always, it is the last 10% that takes 90% of the time.  Still a number of small adjustments and changes to be made but the majority of the content has been moved over without issue.  I have setup a projects environment to manage the new projects as well as the website management.  This should make it easier to ensure things get done during times when I am not able to spend the time there and then.  Still going!
    Posted 22 Feb 2011, 01:08 by Richard ADM
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